Sunday, June 21, 2015

Million dollar lunch!!!!

We went to this seafood place near the Cua Dai beach for lunch.

 It proved to be our costly mistake!!

1.978.000 dong!!!

we tried to break down the bill one by one...
 and and found that this was the most expensive dish!!! hahaha cockles that is cheap in Malaysia, and that only me and another girl ate, the rest just had one or two!! was exorbitantly priced here.
 scrambled eggs

morning glory (kangkong lah they like to call it morning glory!!)
 seafood live, outside the shop
 crabs with claws all tied up

 Vietnam coke

 the day was a scorcher, like always, so coconut water was a hit

 pre food ritual: no one eats until the photo taking is done
 cockles also want to take photo!!!

 this was all we had...that cost a million dong..
 no one eats the cockles, not knowing that it was the single most expensive  dish!!

 so remember: don't come here, unless you want to pay nearly a 100 ringgit each for lunch

the offending bill, no matter how we analysed it
the fact remains, we had eaten.
we had been billed
so we had to pay lor!!!

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