Thursday, July 12, 2012

Red Velvet Cupcakes

 Last Saturday (30 June 2012) I went for a Baking Workshop. The three recipes offered are Red Velvet Cupcakes, Chocolate tartlets, and Pumpkin Seed Scones.

 Catherine Lau demonstrates.
I forgot that I do not like this type of workshops because
they are not hands on, we only sit and watch.

 the sponsors
 there is an island which created a distance between her
and the audience
 wish I could go forward to look at the ingredients!

 audience taking down notes.
 I prefer Rohani Jelani's interactive classes.
 food product tasting
 air bandung using palm oil products
 small bottle of chendol
 instead of suntan or coconut cream, the chendol uses palm oil milk
 see? the people behind cannot even see Catherine.

 little girl checking out the displays.

for my own reference: direction to D'Umami station.
 the venue of the demo
 it is situated inside the Ajinomoto Factory compound

 there is an Ajinomoto Museum
 opposite the station
foyer of the museum
 giant replica of the msg
diorama of the production of msg
attractive conference area.
 back to the cooking station: palm oil and its by products on show
 sweetener and sweet condensed milk
 we got to take back this packet of santan sawit or palm oil suntan

 after she has finished baking she gave us a box of the three types of what she demonstrated.
 red velvet cupcakes, chocolate tartlet, and pumpkin seed cookie
 our goodie bag 
 cooking oil, red guava juice, condensed milk and creamer, coconut cream, sambal tumis paste
 so heavy to carry, expecially the bottle of cooking oil!
I will share with you the recipes later!

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