Sunday, July 29, 2012


 Prada Pattina Saffiano Righe Satchel
 Prada Shopping Vit. Daino Top Handle
 Prada Pattina City Calf Satchel
 Prada Bauletto Soft Calf Top Handle Bag
 Prada Bauletto Vit. Daino Bowling Bag

 Prada Buffalo Portafoglio Credit Card Holder
 Prada Portafoglio Laccio Saffiano Wallet
 Prada Sacca 2 Manici Soft Calf Tote
 Prada Sacca Con Pattina Tessuto/Vitello Satchel
 Prada Sacca Vit. Daino Shoulder Bag

Prada Saffiano 1 PTA Credit Card Holder 
 Prada Saffiano Righe Bowling Bag
 Prada Shopping Paillettes Tote

Prada Shopping Paillettes Tote
 Prada Shopping Soft Calf Tote
 Prada Shopping Vit. Daino Top Handle
Prada Soft Calf Tote 

Prada Shopping Vit. Daino Tote

Did you know that Prada was started in Italy in 1913 by Mario Prada, and was known by the Italian for Prada Brothers, Fratelli Prada. The company soon began designing and making its famous leather goods and handbags after its arrival on the market, and it was only a small amount of time before the company garnered far reaching respect. Its products were hits in both Europe and the United States. A...s business grew, the company opened up two small shops in Milan so that it could sell its authentic wares, like handbags, shoes, and luggage.

As time went by, the company's handbags became symbols of luxury, style, and elegance within the fashion industry. Reviewer after reviewer raved about Prada's simplicity and taste, and in time the entire world began to want to have the distinctive handbags. In spite of the growing fame, these classy handbags remained true to things that were central to their original design, simple and functional, yet also distinctly tasteful and classy.

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