Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ridiculously rich Chinese Bride

大陸有錢人的新娘 Amazing!!

Here comes the bride in an extra stretch limousine

with her trousseau...solid gold ricevbowl, pair of chopsticks and spoon
suitcase full of gold bangles and cash
her bridesmaid takes out the bangles, so many they have to be strung up
wear this one, or this one? Ai Yah...wear all lah!!!

During tea ceremony, the bride will receive gifts of gold from relatives
Aunty puts on the gold necklace gift for her

after all her aunties and uncles have done giving her their gifts.......all gold, all put on her
Rings too
Another one, the last one

Another aunty still putting on a gold chain on her.
WOW!!!!!! 365 days to wear 365 bangles, rings and gold chain, a different one everyday.

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