Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wedding Banquet of my classmates' son

My classmate,  Bee  and her husband, my school mate Sau , from my hometown, now based in Australia, had a wedding for their son  on the 14 July 2012.

 Palace Hot and Cold Appetizer Combinations

 Don't eat me...please don't EAT me!!
But I love baby squids so I nonchlantly popped it
in my mouth!!!
 Winter Melon soup with crabmeat and shark's fins

 Steamed whole chicken with herbs in foil

Steamed  seabass with ginger and supreme soya sauce
Steamed Chinese cabbage with driedd scallops

 Fried rice with roasted duck and mushrooms

Two varieties of delights

High School Year Upper 6 -1974 Arts and Science Class, School mates

music....smoke!!! Wow....something's happening!!!
 Bee  and Sau  making a grand entrance!
 Bride and Groom!!!

 Yam Seng!!

 Beautiful Tall bride who can carry off such a knock out gown stunningly
The following pictures are by GS....

from Lee Too's album and blogpost:

 Bee  and Sau sent these pics recently...

We enjoyed the wedding and the mini reunion of classmates and friends!!


Sue Lin said...

I laughed at your squid caption so funny!!!

Keunlu said...

I gave it eyes and mouth by using sesame seeds.