Monday, July 23, 2012

Prawn Mee Outing with Upper Sixers

Nashir's brother has an awesome prawn mee stall
 in Cheras Baru, so  one afternoon, all of us
set out for a prawn mee escapade.

 Nashir's brother and sister in law hard at work preparing 26 bowls of mee for us!
Noor Farahen, Ros Atika, Hazlin Syazana Mohd Shah and Nadzmi.
Nashir is laughing for the camera.
He goes to help his brother.
Spooning sauce on the noodles from a gigantic pot.
Nash will serve the bowls to us.
taugeh (bean sprouts), hardboiled egg, prawns, mee (yellow noodles) with thick gravy
Nash's brother takes out all the prawns for me to take a better shot

this is my bowl, with extra prawns because Shakinah gave me her share as she is allergic to them.

Nash's sister-in-law makes individual bowls

He sells other food too, like chicken chop, wedges, burgers, besides prawn mee

what the stall looks like, we are seated inside

Arif, Nurain and Nur Izzaty
Kamal, Farhan Mahusin, Rapizan, Nadzmi 
Mohd Shah in white T shirt, the head prefect of the school
Pn Nur Alia also joins us
Aimi Amanina
patiently waiting for the noodle
Instagram pix

let's start eating

Farhan Fadzli the monitor

they go back on motorbikes and their own cars
Our Prawn Mee Outing on a Wednesday afternoon!!!

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