Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pot Luck Farewell for Filah Ismail 6 July 2012

Filah was feted to a traditional buffet at her farewell 
Scrumptious and delicious...judge for yourself!

 homemade local kuih muih or cakes
 nasi impit, rendang dan kuah kacang

 fruits in season
 blue rice!!!
 ready and radiant smile for the camera

 syrup bandung with cincau

 mix and match everything!
 close of yummy nasi kerabu! really yummy because homemade!
 the raw veggies to go with the rice

 my 2 form 6 colleagues
 accompaniments for nasi kerabu and Johor Laksa
 my plate...they taught me what to mix..

 serious looking Yazid

  youthful and beautiful Alia
 my colleagues

 Laksa Johor
 mix and match everything!
 radiant and ready for the camera

 soto.. sedap
 nasi kerabu Smurf
 ingredients for the mee soup and nasi impit
event was held at the Domestic Science Room
they call it the Bilik Catering


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