Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Roti Tissue at the school canteen

Haslina intercepted me while I was walking back to
the staff room and said, "come, let's have roti tissue from the mamak stall, I'm bushed from my catering class"
 Haslina teaches the domestic science students catering

 this is what we got.....believe it or not, I have not tasted roti tissue from the stalls in school or even outside before!!!
 It can be this high, she said.  I have seen roti tissue as high as the Petronas Town Towers.
We are sharing the bread!! I smiled till my "mata sepet!"
 This is how you eat it, break off pieces and dip in the sugar sprinkles (her mata is more sepet than mine!)
 then you enjoy!!!! It's really good! crispy and nice!!! best eaten with friends and shared!!!
 Teo says her eyes are all slanted like the Chinese slit eyes!!! Hasline requested me to delete the post!!

Next time, your Mat Salleh friends come over to visit, bring them to the mamak's and order one to share, enjoy and marvel at this simple, cheap and wonderful gastronomical delight!!!!

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