Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Themed Promo at Great Eastern Mall

Went to Great Eastern Mall last Sunday to buy pavlova and heard kids screaming all the time!
No wonder, there were ghosts, spooks and bloodied corpses everywhere...

eeee.....pale-faced and blood spattered with a festering wound

sheets of ku klux khan spooks

 with the face of "Scream"

 ravished and perished girls
 spooky school
 skeletal remains of well dressed pirates stuck of the balcony
 botched escape plans, perhaps?
 pumpkin rice paper lanterns
 kids are spooked
 hantu? jangan takut! Mum tells her twins

  ghost swinging on a swing
 Dad poking the swinging ghost
 smiling ghost
 stalls were set up for Halloween sale
 hanging ghost with spider web gown
I was impressed, no expense was spared in making the Halloween props!

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