Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Paris Family Dinner 12 October 2012

Auntie Bessie and Uncle Chee are in town..
which means...

we chose New Paris at SS2/72

it has expanded to many shoplots both  upstairs and downstairs

Nice bakery shop next door with western look
aquarium of edible frogs
fat and juicy and ripe for the pot...sad!

crowded even at 6.30 in the evening
we are going upstairs

first dish is claypot tauhu with mushrooms

deep fried chicken
stewed pork
kang kong
deep fried squids
we have seven dishes
bitter gourd omelette
fish with tom yam gravy

hearty meal, two tables of the same

I want you to see the bitter gourd in the centre of the omelette


Sue Lin said...

Must have at least one when I get back. I'll allocate at least one Sunday evening for big family dinner

MK Loo said...

OOoooooh! so looking forward to that!!!