Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pn Pauline and her shoes

When Pn Pauline was in my old school, she used to ask me to take
photos of her shoes which she matches with her outfits. Then we both
transfered out of that school, and today I met her at the MUET meeting.

 her awesome heels that my daughter and her friends chipped in to buy for her after she chaperoned them to Singapore for the youth conference.
 She looks very comfortable in heels
 sidelong sultry glance.
 Herve Leger Sheath dress...almost
 only Pn Pauline can wear a sheath dress with killer heels
 the next day she has studded heels
 and another skin tight sheath
 she doesn't eat at the school canteen "all those santan (coconut cream gravies) I don't take them!" but nibbles on biscuits and fortified drinks in her room
(Gosh! I have been guzzling those curry lemak with santan galore
no wonder no dress can sheath me!)
 studs, metal pins and gold anklet
 here she comes
like Joan Collins or Krystle Carrington of Dallas fame

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