Friday, October 18, 2013

Scam from "Hamidah Sahari"

Received this from Hamidah Sahari.....

Her close friends who are concerned and troubled by this cryptic and frantic email responded and got this:

Thanks for your mail, am in London, England right now for a short business trip and am short of cash right here, i tried to access my account from the cash machines here and its not working, i went to the bank to withdraw and was informed that i cant withdraw from my account in some countries,that its network errors, am wondering if i could get a quick loan of £1000 Pounds ($1,600 USD)  from you or anything you can afford to loan me to clear some little things here and also take a cab to the airport i promise to refund it as soon as i get back home on Sunday, let me know so i can send you my details.

Waiting to read from you.

Maybe a link was provided and anyone who clicked on the link would be done for!!!!  

Please do not respond or reply and delete it immediately!!!

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