Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ah Beng Mission Impossible Movie Premiere Gala

Received an SMS message informing me that I had won 2 tickets to watch "AH BENG" movie by Tesco Card.

I have not seen any Ah Beng movies, but since this is free, me and hubby went for the premier.

It will also be in Johor Bahru, and Penang next week.

You can also go online and win some surprise deliveries if you make purchases from Tesco online

Delivered by the Ah Beng movie cast!!!

Well, last night we went to TGV a little past 6 as stated in the SMS....but there was no one at the tables!!

When at last these kids came, they were busy sorting out the list and did not entertain the movie goers!!
 so, a queue started to form
 Luckily there were lots of lounge seats and a huge screen to keep others occupied
 HUGE spacious halls and ample seats for those who wait for the halls to open, unlike other cinemas where you had to STAND to wait for your respective hall numbers to light up before you can enter
 papa zoomed this shot from his comfortable seat
 people milling about but no progress made, laptops were not here yet for them to check our names
 so patient, right? mostly Chinese patrons as this was a CNY promotion, I suppose
Feedback for Tesco....get your name list printed out, no need to bring laptops for checking names and ic numbers! 
 There were some confusion, this might be the first time TESCO is organising free movie screenings, I have been to so many and never encountered all these kinks

At last! our tickets!!!

 even goodie bags!!
Their theme: TESCO ONG MALI!!!

Tesco drinks, Curlys junk food crisps,  free samples and of course Mandarin oranges.

 Come, Let's explore Setia Walk, he says...
 the movie starts at 8.45, but they told us to come at 6, so we had lots of time to kill!!!
Beautiful right? though artificial, it provides lots of Kodak moments.
I will put the Setia Walk adventure in another post!
Before the movie started, the cast appeared!!!!

 This picture is taken from Yumi's facebook so it is very sharp....

 Ah Beng with the blue hair
 haha..these are my pictures.....the hall is darkened, so the pictures are not so clear
 Ah Beng is the security guard at the far end!
We do not know who Ah Beng is, so when he led the cast in, Papa thought that it was a real security guard escorting the actors in, hehe

 Me, as Shu Chen says, I am borrowing a corner of the cast's lineup for my 5 minute of fame
 we were instructed to get behind the cast for a photo shoot!
like a teenager, I got my mugshot taken with Yumi
she is now my friend, on Facebook..hahaha!
so beautiful, right?  Yumi has star quality and movie star looks, I hope she gets a big break soon.
 simply dressed yet looked stunningly attractive
 I thought he was the main actor so I zoomed on him
 Turned out Ah Beng is a security personnel in the movie
that's him with the loud hailer!
hardly the heart throb heart breaker main star looker!

 Yumi as Maggie also addressed us

My review:

Full of local flavour, with slap stick humour that do not come across as lame, tight plot that does not drag or bore you, funny dialogue that are not cheesy and do not try to be awfully clever, characters that look typically Malaysian, not unnaturally glamourous and meticulously made-up.  For example, Ah Beng's girlfriend is your friendly next door small town girl in everyday clothes with normal dialogue.  She is a good actress, as she comes across as very natural and not all overly artificial nor does she "over act".  I think the kids loved the show as they interacted with the movie, and even I and papa had a few laugh out loud moments!

Go catch it and support your local actors and movie scene!!!

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