Friday, January 24, 2014

Free Tangs Studio Shoes

 Gosh!! I got this voucher to get a pair of Studio Tangs shoes!

 Up to RM289!!

illustration of shoes shown on the voucher
 so I duly went to Tangs Studio, it used to be in Pavilion but has now moved to One Utama
 so many shoes, so little time
 all begging me to choose them...
choose me, choose me! they seem to say!
 how I would have loved to get them all
 I mean ALL!!!
 animal prints... colourful prints
a young girl came and she made off with the blue one, it so suited her, sob!
 the ones that I tried on and narrowed down to
 the purple heels cost only RM40 after 70 per cent discount!!!
 white? or black?
sigh, sigh sigh!!!
 At last I got two boxes of shoes.....and I took home these....!!!!
A black peep toe pair of pumps with sky high heels and purple diamante studded slingbacks

Look how much the original prices of the shoes are: 
RM308 and RM529..but with 70 % discount and my voucher, I got them for practically free!

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