Monday, January 13, 2014

Going Vietnamese in Melbourne

One of those evening we went for Vietnamese fare

 First of all is the vegetable rolls
 It is a MUST!!
 as usual there is a mountain of vegetables, but not as much as in Ho Chi Min City
 Then we had fried spring rolls
 someone had this (if I blog too late, I forget everything!!!)
 Mine: beef pho with tendons, and gristle, the works
 Lynn's: pure beef slices pho
 mint and bean sprouts for you to dunk into the soup
 dunno whose pho????
 no, this is not chao koh but chili sauce
 Lynn and me enjoying our pho and trying not to munch while smiling
 slurp!!!! everyone concentrates on eating...big bowls!!!
 the next table, newly weds and oldly weds!
 the ritual before eating is shooting, shooting the food!
 Reen and Tun loves Vietnamese food
 wow!!!! I don't know what they ordered!

 Vietnmase wooden carving which looks like a Hindu God/Goddess
 Lynn can finish one whole big bowl of pho and still stay reed thin
 You want to finish up mine too?
 Naw!!!! I am more into Korea than Vietnam, Japan, I can still tackle, RAMEN, anytime!
 Do we look like twins?
We have the same lopsided smile!

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Sue Lin said...

Before coming to my house! I ate mcdonalds that day because i had to rush home to CLEAN UP