Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Vocational Visit: LLK Agro Project

On Saturday, 18 January 2014 we met at Shiok Kopitiam

 William had organised this visit
 hmmm...nice cafe
 you can eat inside or outside at the terrace, with lots of trees for shade and a paved walk
 we had reached UPM, and Jimmy the director of LLK Agro System Sdn Bhd is waiting to show us around

 why are we waiting? where is Alan? Vivien is agitated
 in fact, we are all getting restless
 At last, he's here, and Jimmy distributed goody bags with a folder on his company
 let me show you my chicken farm
 it has a drop ceiling concept
 Bakar has brought along his daughter as it is an educational trip
 Poh Huu, Alan, William and William Puu

 apart from the chicken farm, there is the cow shed too
 Jimmy says:
LLK Agro System was established in year 2005. The company is specializing in the design and build customized poultry houses according to customer needs. 
 It is the company objective to ensure cost-effectiveness and top quality system at all time for our valuable customer. We also strive for excellence in innovation and developing new concepts for perfection.
 come, I bring you to the other house
 slim and fit Vivien

It has a drop ceiling system
when the weather gets too hot, the window blinds will drop on cue

we are told to refer to the catalogue
 LLK Integrated System (LIS) is built with different types of quality components to achieve the desired results.
 The company has become the few poultry house provider who is capable to offer various type of building systems and turnkey projects subject to the needs of different operation system and weather condition.

All the text in Italics are taken from the LLK website

 Bakar's daughter tries the door, Jimmy says the wire is glavanised steel and does not rust
 we are going into the closed house system
 view of the house

 LLK Integrated System (LIS)
LLK Integrated system, an integrated closed house system was first introduced to the Malaysian Market in year 2002 by LLK Construction Sdn Bhd, an established construction company since year 1996.

 workers are seen working on the cabins

 each cabin are air conditioned
 and has fool proofed locked doors

 LLK Agro System participated in a Livstock expo in 2011
 next we are going to Balakong for lunch and to visit his office
 Lunch is at Lanje Restaurant, my son has brought me to a similar branch in Puchong
 Rina and her new Mazda 7
Willliam and his two sons
 sumptious lunch!!!
tilapia fish, each plate for two, with other dishes to

 fresh off the aquarium!
 egg foo young and greens
 Help yourselves, Jimmy is the host

 delicious lunch, costs us only RM18 each

 the kids are into watching the fishes, not into eating
 Jimmy opens his office, it is a public holiday today
his sign board is festooned with CNY decorations


 Jimmy won an award for SME (Small and Medium enterprise) last year
 his accolades
 and certificates of merit and participation

 his trophy

 where his shop is located
 so, our vocational trip was most enlightening and insightful plus the lunch was scrumptious!!! Thanks to Jimmy who will be the next Rotary Club president for sharing your secret of success with us.

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