Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sister's goodies from Osaka

Come and see what I'v brought back for all of you...

 she is going to open her hand luggage that she lugged back all the way back from Japan by hand
 oyster shell four-wheeled bag that was empty when brought there but full when brought back

 Taa daaa!!!! full of goodies!!!
for all my friends and relatives!!
hahaha!!! so much junk food!

choose! choose! what to choose???

these two already helped themselves to Glicko Pocky

What I chose
 Rice crackers, and shrimp wafers that you can use as a plate to eat off food
 white noodle and chilli flakes
 green tea (from hotel room) plum wine and miso soup paste

 assorted coated nuts and mini seaweed crisps

all the things she gave to me

then she started to repack
back into the suitcase it goes!!

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