Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Moral Uplifting Society德教联 Free Dinner

Linda took me for a free dinner organised by the 
Moral Uplifting Society, Puchong

 Lion Dance at the entrance to TK
(Taman Industrian Kinrara)
 Early start for 2014 Chinese New Year!

 Thatched roof and tables galore
 simple plastic chairs and chinese style dinner setting

 the trend nowadays is to have sealed bowls, spoons and sauce dish, sterilised, I suppose
 the menu, catered by Khen Zi Yuan

 Appetiser in 5 combinations

 Linda, two other friends and me

superior soup with abalone and scallop

 steamed pomfret
After that, I forgot to take photos
because the food was good!!!
I walloped the whole lot, with my friends!!
 I took photo of this man because he said he always go to the Batu Pahat Moral Uplifting Society hall to do his homework...but I cannot see who he is
 then Bai Ling from China came out to sing
I take photo of her because Linda bought her CDs and says for singing competitions, they need to sing her songs, so I am impressed by her!
I enjoyed my dinner because it was yummy, not like the usual Chinese banquet dinner and because Mei Ling bought the table and let us eat for free!!
"TECK" the logo for the Teck Kau Hui or Moral Uplifting Society

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