Thursday, January 16, 2014

Seremban Trip 16 January, 2014

On Prophet Mohd's birthday, we went to check out Royal Bintang Hotel
as we will be the co hosts and I will be trained as a secretary!

Seremban town

Our first stop was the Seremban market where the J. the local boy will  host lunch
 busy market but will be closing at 2
 first, we had Tow Kee Hakka Mee
 small cute bowl, with generous helping of minced meat and flavoured with fish sauce (hey lo)

J. in pink shirt is the in coming president and he treats us lunch
 our thirst quenching drinks
 hahah! after Hakka mee as a teaser, we had room for ngau nam meen!!
 beef balls soup!!
 noodles with beef, tripe, and other beefy parts that I cannot name

 He is trying to take a shot with himself inside

 you have to mix the beef noodles well

 then I walked around and saw nee goh for sale (CNY is round the corner)

 and new year goodies
 I bought 2 horse plush, this was the laku!!!
 other decor stuff which I tire of buying already
this is the beef stall
 van sales outside the market..very enterprising

We reached Royale Bintang ang got down to business
or rather, they got down to business, and settled a lot of points

then we had tea here!!!!
we ladies having a good time!!!

 cendol!!! with sweet corn, red beans and pulut
rojak!! enough said
 reccomended place for siew pows to go
 local boy J giving directions, 
this is the best place to buy all the buns you need
like this!

I took pictures of all the buns and pows
and W. quipped that I am going to set up a rival shop.
Hmmmm, now that I am retired, that is a good option!
Me, towkay of siu pow shop!!

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