Monday, January 20, 2014

Setia Walk , Puchong: 18 January 2014

We have lived in Puchong for a number of years now
yet we have not been to Setia Mall
so this is the first time we have visited Setia Walk

The Setia Walk Mall where TGV cinema is situated, 
and where we caught the Ah Beng movie.

 view of the walk from the 5th floor
 such a nice walk with bodies of water everywhere, and it was still bright and early at 6.30 in the evening
 so we went downstairs and saw this floating pavillion of cherry blossoms separating the mall from the walk 

you can walk onto the platform beacuse  it simulates ancient chinese gardens with languid ponds

 it might be fake, but the sakuras and red lanterns were a welcome sight for the CNY celebration

 see? so nice, I feel like I am in China or something, I might have been a Chinese maiden once upon a time

the chinese maiden was being left behind by her "cina apek", so I quickly abandoned my Bollywood peekaboo pose to chase after my Ah Pek....

before he disappears after some China doll!

wow!!! a view of meandering and winding tracts of water, clean and well maintained!
 wooden boardwalk to have a family dinner or open air clubbing later into the night
 cool evening, and the water with cement seats are a perfect place for lepak or chats to while away the time
 view of Setia Mall which fronts the main road of busy thoroughfare
 away from the hustle bustle, Setia Walk offers a cool respite
 your oasis of calm in the midst of strife
 the water is not a mirage in the oasis, it is everywhere, you walk on the boards and follow where it leads
 great views and great pictures
 the people behind this place has great vision and ingenuity in visualising and designing the whole idea
 see.....eateries are already filling up and lights are playing on the reflection of the water surface
 bars are holding out..later there would be table top dancers and saucy performances, I kid you not, because we saw it when we came back to pay our parking ticket!

you can also go clubbing at the SkyBar if you enjoy your drink with a view

 more views, with landscaping and tended plants
 sculpture, may not be much of a sculpture, but still....
young couples taking selfie with pda
 so we took selfies too, but no pda...we are not into that!!!
 motion and notion of speed and flying feet
perfect landing and balance on one feet...

 now we are reaching the frontage shops
 and we took the overhead bridge to the other side of the road to have dinner at the kopitiam
 lots of choices, and best of all VERY CHEAP!!!! dinner for the two of us was less than RM20 !!!
after dinner, we hopped back to Setia Walk

 It was getting dark!
 Setia Walk is now all lighted up...let's go back in
 night life hasn't started yet....
 only a family barbeque across the lake

 I am now in "old Shanghai" road
 supposed to be busy Shanghai street with street eating
 busy, with roadside chinese calligraphy too,

 props like a real Morris Minor
 back view of the well preserved me Mini
 and an Austin
 ricksaws too, 
 wish that I really rode on one, and not just posing for photos!!
 The Beer Factory....hmmm quite a lot of watering holes, hope they have good business to sustain their livelihood
 the rest of my night was spent posing here,
 posing there
 with old man
 by myself
 like this
 like that
 hahaha!!! I hope you are not tired of seeing me, wish you were looking at some nubile young hot bods instead?

 Bye!!! Time for our movie!!! Let's go, he said!!!
Ah Beng is going make an appearance in person!!!

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