Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Eve 31.12.2013

Protest prices rally above the bird's eye 
view, more ... In addition, Kuala Lumpur
 Deputy Chief Datuk amazing said that as of 
11:30 P.M., organizers have supra 
International Corp public mixed together into 
independence square and at the bottom, 
unable to identify both identity and 
independence square now a 30,000 crowd! 

I had already booked a countdown dinner 
and dance at Thean Hou Temple with Linda,
 my line dance teacher, but because of the 
rally planned above, my hubby advised me
 not to venture into town.

So I went for dinner at my friend's house 
round the corner in Kinrara.

This is only part of the house, 

the outdoor pergola fringed by a koi pond

Jenny's mum getting the food ready for us

Pot luck: Delicious crispy Yong Tau Fu 

from BK5

Home cooked vegetable deluxe

Lor Mai Fun

Mine: Mamak Rojak

and....many more!!!

As usual, we have to have a group photo 

and roll call of attendees

 standing: Maggie, Teng, Bengie, Shirley, 
Catherine, Michelle

sitting: Agnes, Chun, Kit, Sandy, Brenda, 
Jenny and me.

Also need to take photo at the pergola too

Since the house is so big and beautiful, we posed here and there
the Bali maiden bearing her jug of water for 
your ablution

Jenny loves the pebbled broad walk

And a spot of Bollywood swinging round the 
coconut tree dance

 So fun..sorority of sisters

so artistic, no?

Jenny dissolves in laughter at the things 

the photographer made us do

 Meanwhile at my cousin's Monkey Bar in is packed with merry makers

her second outlet is also full!

So, I went back to celebrate the final 

minutes of 2013 with my family...

and with my hubby dearest...

 no matter it is only in Old Town hahaha!!! it 

is the nearest before the minutes tick by!!!

No matter it is only with coffee and ice 

cream, no wine, nor party hats

 We are now into 2014!!!!

 Going back, we had a police car to escort us, we felt so safe!

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