Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dusk at Mornington Peninsula

We were at the look out point when suddenly the sky darkened

Night was falling
A Riddle:
What falls but never breaks
What breaks but never falls

the newly weds
May they never break,and  never fall....
 answer to the riddle:
Night falls but never breaks
Day breaks but never falls

(this riddle was told to me by Yeo Lee Choo, whom I looked up to at that time because she seemed so clever and so wise, no wonder, she is a successful pharmacist in Kuala Lumpur now)
 Millie is silhouetted against the brilliantly  hued sky
 the "oldly"-wed
 trials and tribulations have stood the test of time
 nothing but nothing could sway their love
and the 2 sons in law and four grandchildren they share
 Caroline...wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! what is she doing? balancing so precariously on one foot?
 hehehe....she is no gymnast nor acrobat nor contortionist or yoga enthusiast but she can manage a pose

 only one word:::WOW!!!
 Me, getting ready for my surprise pose

 Ta da!!! Jumping Jack Flash!!!
 Caroline got them to do this, actually she wanted them to make the "LOVE" sign, but she failed, miserably,
 they did not fail, not miserably,
 they were very sporting indeed, 
but we collapsed into laughter, uncontrollably!


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tHE THIrd pic skky darken one is very nice