Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dinner at Tun's House 14.12.13

On the last day of our Melbourne trip before we left for the airport, we had dinner hosted by Tun's parents

 Everyone is arriving at the house
 Beautiful and unique architecture : eye catching and the talk on everyone's lips
 every angle presents an optical delusion/illusion?
 Inside, the kids had the run of the place because it is child friendly

 I followed little Finn
 nooks and crannies fascinate him enough to forget the cocoon of his mum's kangaroo pack
 spacious with lots of inviting couches and a free flow open concept
 lots of sitting and drawing rooms
 dining rooms
 study rooms/guests rooms

and two kitchens
Lee, Tun's brother

 Now Su Chen is bringing us on a tour of the garden
 the cherry tree that was full of colourful leaves just before we came
 going round to the back
 lovely flowers blooming everywhere

 Roger says: I just gotta take a photo of this

 sorry, I am not good with flowers and I do not know its name..rhododendron?
 Meiko is having an engrossed discussion with Tun's dad

 She looks like a model, no?
the visiting garden party is emerging

 haha! there they beautiful sisters with my beautiful niece and nephew (ok, handsome) and Roger and Su the hostess
 Inside, everyone is warming up and breaking the ice

 Baby is belly dancing and amusing herself
 Queue starts!!!!
 Ladies and aunties first? 
 Laeti and Meiko loves the Malaysian fare that they missed so much
 mixed vegetables with tau pok
 roast duck
 belly pork
 fried chicken for the kids
 roti canai!
 crispy skin  siu yuk
 curry chicken
Family bonding over food
and the meeting of the new-in-laws..
and many more dinners to come!

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