Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cooking Class for Chinese New Year

 Attended a free cooking class featuring Chinese Dishes for the Chinese New Year:
Hainanese Grilled Duck,
 Imperial Chicken soup 
and Mixed Vegetables with Vermicelli
 Chef David Leng is trussing the duck
He has ground ginger with onions and garlic, stuffed the paste into the cavity of the duck
and secured the hole with satay sticks

 There! It's done! He holds it up to show us...youn can see the sticks sticking out of the poor duck's derrier
 Now he is putting it in Queensense cookware to cook and grill
Done! He makes it seem so easy..
 This is the Hainanese Grilled Duck

 These are the sauces that he used...Honey and Kicap Pekat
 Cap Budak Terbang or flying cherub
 with White Pepper from KK Trading
Next, he is frying vegetables on an induction stove
 mixed vegetables with vermicelli and chicken breasts

 This is the Imperial Chicken soup with Chinese herbs
cooked in Queensense thermal pot

 He is dishing out the soup for us
Eating time!!!

Will be providing the recipes soon.

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