Thursday, May 28, 2015

21st Birthday Party on 1 May 2015

Got invited for a 1st May party and it turned out to be her daughter's 21st birthday party!

 we were oblivious so we stuffed our faces with the food and had fun among the oldies
The oldies are the line dance bunch!!
we are the 41, 51 and 61 year old babies....!!!!!
the real 21 year old baby
21st birthday backdrop made of butterfiles....ethereal and surreal..

birthday girl with her dad
 the theme is blue...

her friends in various shades of blue

her parents' friends
 blue cupcakes
 pastel shade marshmallows 
 blue wine
 blue candies
 candy coloured toffess and blue gummy drops

Happy birthday, Juliet!!!

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