Monday, June 13, 2016

Candi Pawon and Candi Mendut

Pawon (known locally as Candi Pawon) is a Buddhist temple in Central Java, Indonesia. Located between two other Buddhist temples, Borobudur (1.75 km (1.09 mi) to the northeast) and Mendut (1.15 km (0.71 mi) to the southwest), Pawon is connected with the other two temples, all of which were built during the Sailendra dynasty (8th–9th centuries). Examines the detail and style of its carving this temple is slightly older than Borobudur.

Mendut is a ninth-century Buddhist temple, located in Mendut village, Mungkid sub-district, Magelang Regency, Central Java,Indonesia. The temple is located about three kilometres east from Borobudur. Mendut, Borobudur and Pawon, all of which are Buddhist temples, are located in one straight line. There is a mutual religious relationship between the three temples, although the exact ritual process is unknown.[1]

After the grandeur of Borobudur, we were taken to two  smaller candi..the candi Pawon and Candi Mendut

Candi Pawon

 These are some normal houses around the Candi Pawon and Candi Mendut complex.

 No two bas reliefs were alike, I was told.

 We left Candi Pawon and visited another slightly bigger candi: Candi Mendut.
 Candi Mendut

 "Candi Mendut is a small but absolutely exquisite temple ; a stand-alone single structure set in a small peaceful garden by a great big tree." from Architecture of the Buddhist World

 "As a single structure, Candi Mendut differs from the other temples of Borobodur and the Jogjakarta region as they are all a complex of temples. It is as a single structure that accounts for its beauty; its stunning simplicity and form built more than 1,000 years ago. It is perfectly balanced and symmetrical and although the top of the Candi is no longer visible, one can imagine how beautiful it once must have been. Even without the topmost part, Candi Mendut reflects a quiet dignity. To be able to be there up close and seeing this exquisite jewel of a temple is such a pleasure and a privilege." Joan Foo Mahoney.

 Majestic and awesomely awesome, right? After seeing so many stupas and bas reliefs at Borobudur, seeing one single structure that was so perfectly symmetrical was just so wonderful!!

 all the more marvellous is the fact that it was built by ancient people without the use of computers or the help of modern technology and the internet!

 we went inside and another marvel of human architecture greeted us....
 "And, if just seeing the exterior of the temple was not enough, words failed me when we entered the interior cella of the temple and saw inside, the amazing 10 foot tall Buddha. Against a leaf shaped halo behind him, the stone Buddha is seated on a simple throne with his feet resting on lotus petals. The Buddha wears no special garments or vestments and is sculptured in the northern Indian style. The hand mudra is the preaching mudra."
from Joan Foo Mahony

Tour guide asked us to make some offering and take some joss sticks to pray, and we prayed fervently.

Look what comment I found:
"You have to get used to the touts selling souvenir at the temple, they are very persistent. Bargain hard if you are buying from them."
well, I did buy some  stuff from them, like this scarf for RM10, three batik tops, and a "I Love Jogja" t-shirt!

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