Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Jogjakarta Silver and Batik Factory

Our last two events of the day was a visit to a silver factory and batik factory.

 HS Silver
the welcoming committee, I felt a bit sorry for her as there are only 3 of us!
 We got to see silver smiths at work
 everything is done by hand,
 individually and manually, 
labor intensively.
 filigree silver ornaments and designs

 After designing and gluing the tiny parts together, this man will do the firing.
 This will ensure that the parts of the design are soldered together securely and not drop off during wear.
 Some of the rings are fired by tying many of them together.
 Making sure everyone gets the firing treatment

 Unfortunately we did not buy any of the silver trinkets, but we did not get any scolding, unlike in China, if you don't buy anything, the guide will sulk, because, her livelihood depends on the commission she gets from our sales. 

Next we went to a batik factory
 These are blocks of wax
 He is using a canting to show us how wax is applied on the design.
 It is a painstaking task, you pour wax, put dye, wash off the wax, dry, canting again, wax, wash dry and start over again until the batik piece is complete.

 He showed us pieces ready for sale, from the biggest

 To the smallest, finally, to appease him I bought the smallest batik piece to take home to frame.
 This is the design that I chose..for Rm30 (10000 rupiah)

Outside, I was also taken in by this perfect specimen of a miniature fighting cock, in all its feathery glory, so beautiful and complete! Next up is our dinner to end the day.

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