Sunday, June 12, 2016

JOgjakarta: Dinner at Sasono Ondrowino

After the Pantai Pranagntritis frolic, which was a cap to a long, long day for us, we arrived at this place for dinner.

 grand wooden entrance
 but as usual it was quite devoid of other customers
 so, we could choose to sit anywhere we liked
 however a place in an air conditioned room was already set for us
 our van parked outside

 at every eatery, keropok is served, and this girl got used to it, and quite liked it!!!
 her favourite accompaniment to every meal: keropok!!!
 other dishes: glass noodles
 bok choi
hearty meal for the three of us, which we could hardly finish, and it was followed by pudding and coffee.
when we returned to our room, we were greeted by rabbits!
Everyday, housekeeper will concoct a different animal out of our towel, and today, it was a pair of rabbits.
I will show you the other animals...soon!

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