Saturday, June 11, 2016

Pottery Village

At the Pesta Perak Restaurant, I managed to change into the tie die T shirt that I bought on the streets of Maliobor as we we would going to a beach later.

 Nice indoor garden with lots of fishes at the restaurant! After  a short drive we reached the pottery village....we could already see the pots from our van window.

Kasongan village “Pottery, ceramics, handicrafts” This big shop, and the other smaller ones in this town specially in pottery and ceramic- traditional and contemporary. Other handicrafts and souvenirs were abundant. Walk through the shops along the road - watch skilled craftsmen at work, admire and (window) shop for some items. Beautiful and artistic"

 unique way of selling Tshirts.
 unique way of selling food from a motorcycle.

 unique way of keeping pots of soup hot!
 lots of roadside vendors but no customers.

 I would like to bring one home,but it was solid and heavy, so we bought and brought back some pots, bowls and outdoor lamps!!!!

Here are some photos taken from the net:

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