Monday, June 27, 2016

Ibis Hotel, Jogjakarta

During our 4 days 3 nights Jogjakarta tour, we stayed 3 nights at Ibis Hotel in the Malioboro area, the central business district and close to Malioboro Mall.  
It is cute, funky and very colourful, with three main colours: orange, green and burnt sienna (brown lah!)

Ibis Hotel, view from the bakso stall
It may not look much but it is cosy and comfortable and does not break your bank.
 "Considered by many to be better than the high-end hotels in the region, the 150 well-appointed rooms here are a relatively undiscovered treasure. Hotel Ibis Malioboro is centrally located for business and right on the street that is famous for its shopping. It is located just 40 minutes from one of the forgotten Seven Wonders of the World, Borobudur Temple - something that travelers should not miss while in the region. All types of food can be found in the area, but have a look at the pizza joint in the basement which serves some tasty pizza pie." 

 This must be the pizza joint!

(The above 3 pictures are from the net)

 Daughter could not find the bath towels in the bathroom when she wanted to shower and no wonder it was on the bed masquerading as a peacock.
Everyday there will be a different "animal", well the housekeeper is very creative with her hands!
 a pair of love swans
 a snail!!!


 View from my window
 bathroom is all glass

 slippers are in green and orange

 daughter had a third bed, very spacious and papa is trying it out

 avantgarde coffee and lounging area

So, Ibis Hotel is highly recommended because it is value for money!! Oh, and they have a sky bar (see my other post here    
and a massage and spa centre too!!!

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