Thursday, June 23, 2016

Jogjakarta ..first night dinner at Gendhis Resto

This being our first night of tour at Jogjakarta, we are to have dinner at a nice restaurant housed in a bungalow with a room that opens into a side garden.
"Gendhis Resto"
The bungalow with me in the front garden
 Earlier we were waiting at the lobby of the hotel with Yudi the tour  guide.  I am wearing my new blouse that I had bought from Maliopolio Street, which  I even managed to wash and dry  first before wearing.
 This is the blouse, I got mine in brownish red
this is the matching scarf that I  exchanged the torchlight for at Borobudur Sunrise. Papa and Jenn kept their torchlights (green and yellow)
 I love Jogja blouse and the Borobudur stole...My OOTD for the night, nice or not?
 Nice place, we could choose to sit anywhere we like, as there were very few other diners.

 We chose this spot because it was in the indoor garden and next to the bar

 Our coffee and tea came very fast!  and in huge cups!!!!

 Then our food came too, within minutes!

 Rice, beef, chicken, fish, vegetables and keropok!!! all in one plate.
 Gosh!!! We ate till stuffed, and could hardly finish our huge cups of beverages!

On leaving the restaurant we found that there was a live band at the front of the restaurant, and it was also an open air bar......but we did not want to stay for music and drinks so we went back to the hotel.

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