Sunday, June 26, 2016

Malioboro Street: :Looking for dinner/food!

Dinner at Malioboro Street 

It was getting late and we had explored quite a sizeable part of Malioboro Street and soaked up its sights and it was time to look for food and our dinner.

 Time to leave the street musicians and local crowds behind and follow our food trail.
 Saw this diplayed on the roadside stall...?????.....looked like the innards of the cow swimming in saffron curry and are those hearts or spleens or galls skewered on a stick like fish balls!
 Lots of candies and colourful sweets

 ??? vegetables and eggs or ubi?
 we can join the locals at the stalls but it was raining
 and the food looked very exposed to the elements

 Streets getting narrow with lots of people milling around

Still did not know what to eat...

 How about this ..... lesehan terang bulan malioboro
Lesehan Terang Bulan Malioboro
"Ever heard of the lesehan? Yaap!! It is the  famous with duck (and pigeons) is located on Jalan Malioboro, open every night starting at 21:00. 
This Lesehan on the sidewalk east Jl. Malioboro, approximately 10 minutes if leisurely walk from Dagen, and probably about 15 minutes if walking from Sosrowijayan to the south. It's right in front of the store Batik Terang Bulan. Bener buildup Lesehan Terang Bulan name is taken from it, simple right ?"
burung dara, duck, pigeons etc served here for the lesehan
 This was a batik shop by day and converted into a lesehan stall by night.. 

Lesehan means the Javanese traditional restaurant which feature a traditional dine style seated on the floor covered with straw or bamboo

 Hahaha!!! We did not have the stomach to try sidewalk food even it is the famous Lesehan Terang Bulan Malioboro!
 We hastily walked past all the sidewalk eateries with people tucking in

 Then we saw these fairy was the entrance to the Malioboro Mall

and lo and behold!!! There was McDonalds!!!!
Inside Malioboro Mall!

Nice mall! you can just walk in! No need to turn round in circles looking for a parking spot, not that we drove there though!
Happily queuing up for McDonald's burger!

You did not expect us to have McDonald in Malioboro right? 

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