Tuesday, June 14, 2016

the Mendut Vihara/Monastery

Next on our list was the Mendut Buddhist Monastery, a peaceful enclave of gardens, statues, ponds and greenery.

This sign says it clearly: this place is a Buddhist monastery, but today, we did not see any Buddhist monks, though.
We entered through this gate...
And no wonder: there was this resplendent water lily smack in the middle of the pond, as purple as the flower on the gate 
 You will be calmed by the serene surroundings and quiet ambiance and you can take as many photos as you like without jostling for space.

Trees and statues lined the place and as usual, this monastery must be very very old. Below are some nice statues and sculptures scattered all over the monastery interspersed with fruit trees and flowers. 

 I was fascinated by this statue of a beast scratching its face with its paw!!!

 "Not far from the Mendut temple, there is a Buddhist monastery which is quiet and open to public. Lotus flowers blooming in the pond and a number of stupas lining in a row decorate the entrance of Buddhist monastery. Every night starting at 19:00 - 20:00, the place is used for chanting ritual or meditation conducted by listening to music and singing. You don't have to be Buddhist, anyone can follow chanting ritual."

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