Saturday, June 18, 2016

Lunch at Timbul Rose, a restaurant in the jungle.

Our lunch was here at Timbul Rose, a restaurant deep in the midst of jungle, with individual dining room on platforms in little huts.

The entrance to the jungle restaurant.

Now we are walking among lush foliage looking for our table.
 up little tree lined paths
 This hut will be our dining room!

 other diners

 fishes under your hut

 There's a gong made of natural vegetation, a gourd maybe?

 There's a large table, but no chairs, so you sit cross legged if pins and needles don;t get to you first!

 Papa comes in, removes his shoes, and proceeded to lie on the floor!

 He has time to catch 40 winks while we wait for lunch to be served!!!

 Drinks come first!

 and boiled peanuts


 This is what our hut looks like (opposite us)

 The food comes all at once...

 fried fish that you chew and swallow whole including the head, eyes and bones!
 fragrant rice
 fried chicken

 pond of fishes underneath our hut
 The ladies' room
 fishes near the toilet....our fish came from here

So, we had a unique dining experience in a jungle setting, together with bugs, mozzies and the orchestra of humming insects.

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