Sunday, June 12, 2016

Pantai Parangtritis

Parangtritis is a popular tourist beach and village area on the southern coast of Java in the Bantul Regency within the province of the Yogyakarta Special Region. There is a good road to the area which is about 30 km south of the city of Yogyakarta, located just on the border between Bantul and Gunung Kidul regencies.

 Our last stop for the day was Pantai Parangtritis.....
 Where we just had to try the horse drawn carriage
and trot the waves of the Indian ocean

(The top three pics are from the net.
the bottom onwards are all mine.)
 We were very excited to see so many horse carriages we quickly posed beside them for photos!
 We had to hire three and he took photos of us, while we took him!
Parangtritis is the best tourist place for enjoying the sunset while having fun conquering sand dune with ATV (All-terrain Vehicle) or walking along the beach with a carriage in the romantic evening.
Nice picture of the 3 of us in two carriages.
And a perfect picture of my husband alone in his carriage with spectacular backdrop of beach and sky taken by my daughter from our carriage ... Alas she could only manage one shot before the horse  trotted off!  
 sun was setting and how exciting and romantic!!! We were going to ride into the proverbial sunset!
 Along the way there were droves of locals!
 A lot of them still in uniforms of sorts, so we imagined they came straight after school!
 School girls still dressed in hijab and bajus
wow, they loved the beach at sunset
 so did we!
 After a short ride, we walked around taking sunset photos 

Did I tell you that this beach had black and white sands? one from the volcano, one from the sea...;postID=3479131078086425316

and we did the usual photography tricks like these...hehe

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