Saturday, June 11, 2016

PARANGKUSUMO BEACH The Love Beach in Yogyakarta

Before we reached Parangtritis Beach, guide took us to this Parangkusumo Beach..The Love Beach.

Parangkusumo Beach invites you to feel unforgettable spiritual experience through the Love Stone and to commemorate the meeting between Panembahan Senopati and the Queen of South.
by: Yunanto Wiji Utomo
 Upon entering the gate of Parangkusumo Beach, you will immediately feel the sacred nuance of the beach that is located around 30 kilometers south of Yogyakarta city and it is believed to be the entrance gate to the south ocean. You will soon smell the fragrance of flowers and incense as the materials of an offering; the nuance you will find nowhere but in this beach.
Text: Yunanto Wiji Utomo

                                       Lots of wakaf like these around and this was empty

The biggest one was manned by this person, and inside there were many already offering prayers...
 " He explained to us that many Javanese adulterated their local religion with Islamic elements."
 We had to take photos quietly and unobtrusively so as not to disturb them praying.

 So we tried to take selfie by extending the stick as high as I could to include the people praying inside.

 Our guide talking to the keeper of the door asking for permission for us to take photos

  "The sacredness of the place feels more distinct when you look at the scattered flowers and sets of offerings on the Love Stone that is located in Puri Cepuri complex where Panembahan Senopati and Queen of the South met and made an agreement. At that time, Senopati was meditating on the bigger stone in the north when Queen of the South approached him and sat on the smaller stone in the south."

 We can consider ourselves lucky as this evening, there is this prayer session on, just as we came to this beach!

 Then another couple came to join the prayers.

So we left this peaceful place and continued our journey to our real destination: Pantai Parangtritis.

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