Monday, June 20, 2016

Jogjakarta: Kopi Luwak

Next on our list is a Kopi Luwak Factory.
Kopi Luwak is coffee from the droppings of a weasel cat or civet cat so it is also called weasel coffee.
 This is supposed to be the real and original Mataram Kopi luwak factory.
 Our visit started with the viewing of some sleeping civet cats, because they are nocturnal animals 
 Curled up in a ball in deep slumber. These cats are not used for pooping, but they are for show only.  The real poopers are in the jungle because they have to feed on real fruits and jungle produce to produce coffee worthy poop!
 Model of a civet cat in action (at night)
 this is the droppings of the cat...unwashed....I did not know that the droppings are so neat and actually look like beans, I thought you had to rummage for the beans among the gooey shitty stuff!

 The droppings (shit lah) are dried in the sun first
 Then they are washed and become clean and white but they are still shit, hahaha!
 Our able guide who spoke English like a dream
 Smelling the shit or crap or droppings that are now like coffee beans!
 What do you smell? coffee? yes, they are most fragrant  coffee ever produced!
 She shows us the difference between the washed and unwashed, no matter what, it did come from the bottom of the cat and it is still poop, right?
 The poop is sorted by hand, hence the exorbitant price

 Bringing out coffee beans poop for us to see

 coffee grinder and coffee percolators

 Looks like Batu Pahat's backyard coffee beans grinder machine.
 As a child I see these grinders at work to produce Batu Pahat's famous 888 coffee powder.


 The finished coffee beans are sold at high prices and packed in beautiful containers.
 To sample the coffee we had to pay rupiah 30 for a cup of the potent brew,

 She showed us some imitation kopi luwak that you can buy from shops but they contain only 5% of the real thing.

Coffee from the poop of a cat? What will they think of next??? 
Fattened duck liver?
 (hehe...foie gras lah!!)


Ryan said...

Was it nice??

MK Loo said...

Very strong and fragrant!!! I bought 2 packs.