Sunday, August 19, 2012

Adeline's Bash: Creative and Whacky Hats

This is Adeline and this is her brirthday bash

 the theme is: Creative and Whacky Hat
 The dance list

 held here
nice and cosy country club

at the entrance I met my Johore classmate:
Jan...the veteran of many parties,
as usual she is dressed to the hilt!
 Adeline's stage

 Janet, my instructor at Taman Billion
 My old Taman Billion dance mates whom I have grown quite fond of

I miss Kelly!!!!!
 Mrs Choi, our host for our dance class
 she had the cutest little hat
 Shirley used my new teacher's hat
 Jan and I...we are having a whale of a time
 she can source for different outfits to fit each party's theme every WEEK!!!
 food was great too!

 dessert with Japanese ice cream!
Adeline the hostess gave a belly dance performance with her 3 daughters and Janet

Suzen, Janet, Male Belly Dancer and Adeline's 3 daughters (Chindian)
Adeline has an enviable figure even though she has three grown girls
 scary babe!
 hot babe!
 Adeline (in retro jumpsuit) and her guests
 cake in the shape of a hat
 Jan having fun

 Iridiscent dance troupe
 talented cutie gave a solo performance
 dressed up with costume and hat
 performance by jazz ballet group

everyone had a good time! Adeline's party was a success!!!

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