Friday, August 17, 2012

Uncle Jang Korean Restoran, Dak Galbi

An early pre-Raya holiday calls for
a food foray!!!

 Miss Lim reccomended this wonderful place in Ampang Putra

card showing location of the place

 Korean families are having their lunch here.
Ampang is also "Little Korea".
 Our personal wok.
 Pn Ng and Pn Wu are happy to have time out from work
 Me, I am happy for time out anytime....
(as long as my car is parked in a safe place!!!)

we are so happy!!!!!!

 we ordered 2 HOT SPICY and 2 NORMAL for the 6 of us
 step by step guide to Dak Galbi
 Interior of the restaurant
 Before I could take photo, the waiter already served the cutlery and side dishes

Only 2 sets of this side dishes
kim chee is a must!!!
 The chicken is fried for us

 then we had soup
 with ginseng...only RM19 for the 6 of us

 the way to eat the spicy chicken...wrapped in lettuce
 halfway through we ordered rice
 which he will fry for us
 lovely soup tasted good as it was raining outside
 empty pot of soup!! we even ate the ginseng and dates
 empty rice wok too!
 delicious, cheap and fantastic meal!!!!
Do join us for our next food foray!!!!

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Sherry said...

Wow so fun, hehe..