Sunday, August 12, 2012

Robbery Case in Setia Alam/Video of Shell StationRobbery

A ROBBERY case that wouldn't be seen in newspaper happened in Setia Alam, Semi-D @ Impian 5.

Case happened on 7 August 2012, (Tuesday) around 8.15pm. More than 4 robbers armed with parang, mask & gloves on broke in to our house that the door wasnt locked to the reason that our family of 6 just preparing ready to out for dinner.

All of us were intimidated to enter to the bathroom at second floo...
r and one of the robbers was monitering us with parang while the others just take their time to look for all our valuables.

Drawers with lock were all pried open, anything that worth money has been robbed away. In all it took more than 10 minutes. We were totally helpless, can do nothing......

The losses are not only in term of money, but the trauma leaving behind to all of us. Initially we were thinking it was a bliss to enjoy and relax in the big house but now it just became a pressure returing back to our home at Setia Alam.

Not demanding too much, but what Setia Alam can do to ensure and enforce the SAFETY of the residents?

What we can ask for... Dear friends in every corner of this country, please be extra alert!

  1. This footage happened on 17th July 2012 around 1.15pm in Shell Station, Seksyen 16, Bandar Baru Bangi... Girls out there, be careful. There are some experts who are really good in this type of robberies. PLease share this video around so all our loved ones can be extra careful. If you have any information or were the eye witness, please call IPD Kajang at 03 87362222. Tq for your co-operation.

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