Sunday, August 12, 2012

Total Recall in 1990 and in the 2012 Remake

In 1990, Arnold Schwarzenegger stared in the original Total Recall and made it his trademark movie, injecting humour with great acting, making it a classic and a class act difficult to follow

Paul Verhoeven’s 1990 ‘Total Recall’ was one of the best and complex sci-fi films

 In contrast, a great actor with awesome screen presence like Colin Farrell is largely wasted in this role
 My husband enjoyed it, CGI and all, I was loathed to tell him I slept through the 4th or 5th round of fights especially Colin with Jessica against I don't know what or who.........!!!!! Hahaha, it is just not my type of show, I wasn't even impressed with those vehicles floating in the air with their own tracks or whatever.

This reviewer: Haricharan: says it all for me:
The film turns bore when you’re thrown with too many chase sequences which at one point don’t make any sense at all. Colin is running and running and running and stops at one juncture only to meet Melina (Jessica), and continues his running marathon with her. Although he’s running for a reason but it irritates you after some time. And on his trail is Kate Beckinsale, who’s running too with her entire force only to irritate you more.

 Kate Beckinsale looked like she was fighting vampires in the Underworld, she is juxtuposed and just at home here and there. But for a 39 year old and a daughter one year younger than mine, she sure can kick a@*!!!!
 Jessica Biel tweeted a picture of herself and the three-breasted girl

The original three-breasted woman, played by actress Lycia Naff:

And just in case you were wondering – none of them are real. Kaitlyn Leeb sat through four hours of prosthetic application to get three new breasts that weren’t hers. The appliance was created specifically for her during filming of Total Recall last year.

Why does Quaid become the prime target of a secret espionage mission and why does everyone including his wife Lori, want him dead forms the rest of the story?
what is action which doesn’t make any sense, without any purpose or meaning?
by: Haricharan 

           Jessica Biel Is A Knock Out In A Pink Dress, Giant Necklace At 'Total Recall' Premiere

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