Saturday, August 11, 2012

Total Recall at E@theCurve

Another "two-of-us" only as this moive is rated "18"...

so....we caught Total Recall at the Curve

Here’s definitely one for Best Dressed Lists! Kate Beckinsale goes from Total Recall to total knockout in this dazzling Giorgio Armani Privé number

 As usual we had to walk across the streets to get to the cinema
 this time, I was with my partner, not my daughter, and he took very good pictures of me!!!
 the cineleisure building looks impressive at night, it is so changed from the last time we caught "the Frog Princess" here.

 picked up my free tickets from the booth...
so good right? free tix for a blockbuster movie

 after collecting the tickets, had time to kill so we found this walkway that you could see the "Streets"
 view of E2Curve where the Cathay Cinema is housed. It used to be called CineLeisure.
 Lovely view of the streets decorated with Hari Raya fairy lights,
giving it a festive feel.
 a lot of people thronged the "Streets" after breaking their fast, making it quite busy and, with some open air clubs, the place looked "hip and  happening"
Quite a successful concept: a "Street" inside a shopping mall.

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