Sunday, August 5, 2012

Farewell Lunch for 2 of my colleagues 4.8.12

Wayne, Sarah and Chen are leaving,
so we had a small makan-makan session.

 Teo and Sarah made good company
 so did these two!!!
 small and cosy group!!!
 a spot of fresh air!!!
 maybe a shower too?
 J did all these fruit decor and snapped this pic
 roast duck and rice wine chicken that reminded ex-mummies of their confinement days!!!
 Teo said..come enjoy my KFC (kong fu chow or cantonese fried, and Hokkien mee)
 I said....what about my roast chicken, chicken rice, five layered Hakka meat, rice wine chicken soup!
 Chen colourful Nyonya kueh and shon pan tzi (abacus seeds) will whet your appetite
 Not to be outdone, Ng bought these heavenly lobak kueh or radish cake
 and lor mai fan, or sticky rice and sambal with a kick
 from the famous Palace Rice Vermicelli Restaurant
 they are going to the US soon, Chen is going to a new school
And it calls for an occasion to meet and eat!

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