Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a Blue moon sighting

Today, Emelda has gone to Taman Midah to prepare chicken and other food for prayers to celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival.  Tonight, there will also be a full moon.  A BLUE MOON!!!!

Every month, a full moon is visible in the skies. But this year, in this month, the moon will appear in full phase for a second time today. Referred to as Blue Moon, the next time it will appear in the skies will be on July 31, 2015.
Considering the rarity of a full moon appearing twice in the same month, the phrase, ‘once in a blue moon’ arises from this celestial occurrence.
To catch sight of the blue moon, one can look in the East direction. The moon will rise at 6:13 pm and reach its full illumination at around 7:28 pm.
Please note that the term Blue moon does not refer to the colour of the moon; the celestial object will remain in its milky white colour. The phrase Blue moon is just a metaphoric indication of the rarity of the phenomenon.
The first full moon had phased in on August 2 this year. The last time a Blue Moon occurred was on December 31, 2009 (The first full moon had also occurred on the 2nd of that month). The next time it will occur is on July 31, 2015.

Today’s full moon a ‘Blue Moon’
This Friday, August 31, might not be all that much fun for you, especially if you’re someone who vows to only do obligatory tasks once in a blue moon. Then again, if you’re a believer that good luck comes your way only once in a blue moon, Friday might be just the day you’ve been waiting for.

The fact is, TIME reports, for the first time since March 2010, we’ll gaze upon a blue moon today (Friday), illustrating just how long that fabled stretch of time really is: almost 30 months. After Friday, you’ll have to wait another 36 months — until July 2015 — for the next one. So, it’s time to loosen up Friday and do all those things you say you do “once in a blue moon.”

It’s a rare cosmic rising that will be unveiled, coincidentally, on the same day as astronaut Neil Armstrong’s funeral service. Armstrong, who died last Saturday at the age of 82, brought the fabled moon into mankind’s domain when he became the first man to walk on its surface in 1969.

Despite the colorful turn of phrase, you might be disappointed if you look into the sky. There will be no magical chameleon act performed by the moon. That’s because the phrase blue moon — dating back centuries with no pinpointed origin — is nothing to do with hue, but instead signifies a full moon happening for a second time in the same month. Full moons occur every 29 days. With a full moon having already appeared this month on August 2, Friday’s full moon will turn blue, well, in name only. daily times monitor

from The Daily Times

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