Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hari Raya Dinner at Home: Korean Style BBQ

Had a home meal with loved ones for Raya tonight..
Korean Style BBQ and Grill with Malaysian Flavour

 Bought an array of sauces, dips and marinates: mint sauce, Kewpie sesame sauce, Kewpie flavoured oil,thai garlic sauce, char siew sauce, Hoi sin sauce and the usual soya sauce
 Took out the grill cum hotpot that my sister gave me (red) and the grill that I got from Home Dec
 prepred an array of marinated meat, sea food, vegetables and side dishes
 four types of meat: prok, beef, chicken and lamb, and 2 seafood: salmon and squids
 side dishes: tau pok, mushrooms, fishballs, and not shown: potatoes and bread for toasting
 pork belly marinated in char siew sauce
 beef in bbq sauce
 chicken breast in sesame flavoured oil
 lamb shoulder in worcestshire sauce
 grilling starts!!!
 cosy meal!

 accompanied by fishball soup with mushrooms and chicken stock
 bacon strips were added, with sotong and salmon
 the smaller grill
 you can toast tofu (tauhu bakar) jacket potatoes, bread and capsicum here
(the lower rung)
 and also fry eggs on the stone slab
 versatile grill , toast and steamboat maker
dinner from 6.30 to nearly 9...
scrumptious and delicious!
Never had so much meat at dinner!!!

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Sue Lin said...

Yummmmm looks soooo gooood!!! So much food just for the family! Hahahah, i wish i was there!!!