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Singapore National Day 2012.....9 August 2012

  • 47 pictures to depict 47 years of Independence
    Singapore National Day 2012

    Today,9 August 2012, Singapore celebrates the 47th birthday - Singapore National Day 2012.
    Singapore National Day is a public holiday in Singapore to commemorate its independence. Singapore was the administrative seat for the Straits Settlements, a British crown colony, from 1867 until it was occupied by Japan in World War II.
    It was restored to Britain in 1945, became a part of Malaysia in 1963, and became independent in 1965. The holiday is celebrated with a spectacular parade, cultural dances, and fireworks.

     Parade & Ceremony
    Like the Pre-Parade segment, the P&C segment features traditional crowd favourites such as the marching contingents and the state flag fly-past.

    It also incorporated exciting new elements, such as the “Commitment to Defence March” and a Salute to 45 years of National Service (NS45). As part of the Salute, for the first time, Parade contingents executed the challenging “Advance-...

    in-Review Order” man-oeuvre which sees more than 2000 parade members marching forward in perfect unison; nine fighter jets from the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) will also execute the enhanced aerial flypast.

    This was the largest display of the latest RSAF fighter jets to take part in NDP thus far. Singaporeans can also look forward to iconic NDP moments showcased with a refreshing twist – the challenging “Onward March”, first executed during the Parade in NDP 2011 by uniformed personnel carried out by students from uniform groups this year; another NDP 2011 P&C highlight, the “Majulah Moment” included the participation of NSmen this year, to commemorate NS45.
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     This year’s Show segment comprises a prologue, three acts and a finale, and will take place immediately after the P&C segment. It unfold on an enhanced stage set, with an LED backdrop in the shape of the Singapore Island.

    The Show will be premised on the central idea of “reflection”, and explores various aspects of the NDP 2012 theme through mass-displays reminiscent of National Day Parades of yesteryear, to encourage Singaporeans to reflect deeply on what we love about Singapore.

    Aircraft performance on Singapore National Day

     A country with diversity cultures and ethnic groups

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