Thursday, August 16, 2012

Woman Riding Car Bonnet in Cheras

THE VIDEO HAS BEEN TAKEN OFF!!!  (to view go to this post:

Meet the new superwoman of Cheras...she can pull a stunt by clinging on to the windscreen wiper and take a ride on the bonnet!!!
Video of woman riding car bonnet in accident row goes viral

CHERAS: A video depicting a woman (pic) lying on the bonnet and clutching the windscreen wiper of a car, as the driver of the car inched forward, went viral after it was uploaded four days ago.

The uploader of the video, 183clover, commented on YouTube that the woman hit his car, refusing to take the blame and pay for repairs.

The video featured both him and his mother exchanging words with the woman, who complained to passing motorcyclists that she was being bullied by the man and his mother.

Instead of choosing to settle the accident, she clung to the bonnet of the car, refusing to let go or make a report to the police.

The driver then started the car, while the woman held on.

The uploader posted that the incident occurred on July 27.

The video has acquired 42,399 views since then, but was made private around 6.30pm yesterday.

Attempts to verify the incident with the user who uploaded the video failed.

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