Friday, August 3, 2012

No Armpit hair!

During my last Body Perfect workshop, my doorgifts
included a voucher for underarm hair removal.

1 Session Of Body Perfect's Photothermolysis Underarm Hair Removal Therapy
It’s always an awkward situation when you can’t raise your arm, in fear of revealing that embarrassing patch of hair and it limits your fashion choices. Don’t let it get in your way, get rid of it. Winner of Best Brand Wellness Beauty and Slimming Spa (BrandLaureate) presents this deal:
  • 1 Session of Body Perfect Photothermolysis Underarm Hair Removal Therapy
  • Complimentary skin and hair analysis

I could not utilise the voucher!
I am fuzz-free like the above picture!!
I have no arm-pit hair!
(of my 2 daughters, only my eldest daughter has inherited this trait, much to the chagrin of the younger one. The eldest is very happy, she has no worries about razors, waxes or depilatory creams, and she can wear tank top and spaghetti straps anytime, like me)

The girl attending to me could not believe it.  She
got another consultant to come and they used a device (like
doctor's unltrasound machine) to go over my unmentionable part
and connected it to the laptop.
Nothing showed!!
Not even a single fuzz, not even a stubble,
or black discolouration
or shadow of a HAIR!!
All of us were speechless.
I suggested she do my bikini-line...
she refused....the voucher is only for underarm!
So, I left BodyPerfect without any treatment.
I did not know whether I should be angry or happy!!!
this unfortunate contestant had no time to depilate.
In full glory for all the world to see.....
Whereas this hunky Korean athlete with the model looks and chiseled nose had a condition like mine:
no underarm hair.  BY THE WAY, my eldest daughter has inherited my condition......................we save a bundle on depilatory creams, razors, tweezers and treatments!!!


Ryan said...

so funny!

Sue Lin said...

Inherited your condition!!! Hhahahahaah!!! Yeah. Right arm has a few fine strands that i need to get rid off every other month!