Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cute Milo the Dog

My sister has a new puppy

 Meet Milo
 So cute right? Sleeps like a baby with my bro in law
 picture of domestic bliss
He calls it his grandchild,
because instead of bringing back a baby, his daughter brought back a pup!
 See how cute? It even helps Ivan to tie his shoelaces!!

Even wants to go online!!!

 I don't know what breed...a beagle maybe?
 It fell asleep just like that!!!
In the middle of a photoshoot!!!

My sister was still posing and smiling for the camera!!!
Wake up sleepyhead!!! Smile for the camera!!!

See? Now sleeping on the crook of the arm of the armchair!
Cute giler betul!

My sister still wants to pose for the camera!!
Milo still wants to snooze!!!
 Milo puts on her puppy eyes
to melt your hearts

 I like to play peek a boo
 I like to take photos

 Grand daddy gives me treats
 I am scared of heights!
You said you will never leave me?

  • Milo can perform she does the roll over!!!
    (Please click on picture to be directed to Facebook video)


Derrick said...

at batu pahat? I'm in Melaka for MUET speaking test :(

Keunlu said...

No Derrick I am not in batu Pahat ... I simply lifted the fotos from aunt Millie's fb... Hehe.... I conducted Speaking test in TTDI.... Just came back

Derrick Loo said...

No wonder. Luckily the topic today was not that hard. I still can manage it. :D

Derrick Loo said...

No wonder. Luckily the topic given today was not that hard. :D

Keunlu said...

which is your question? Crimes against children or smart shopper? hope you do well!

Derrick Loo said...

My question is about the smart shopper. Candidate A :P