Friday, October 19, 2012

Lot 10 Bukit Bintang H & M

What is the hype surrounding H & M?

 Everywhere you go you see people toting the bag like some status symbol thingie....
 So, after our Debenhams loot, we followed the crowd to H & M, and spotted it from afar!
 Wow!!! You have to queue to go in!
 Queue starts here!!
 Groups were let in by batches...!!!
 this is what the interior looks like!
 Lots of shoppers, browsers of the younger set
 this one is the queue for the cashier!!!
what's that you say? yes, Ka Ching!! Ka ching!
Tamara Melon and Jimmy Choo laughing all the way to the bank.
 Artsy? Fartsy?
 Definitely money-spinning cutesy!
 cannot enter through here, must queue at entrance!
 The cashier gave me a bag even though I did not buy anything!!
 Not my style, so I took photos
 H M Kuala Lumpur...more outlets are slated to open soon
 From the inside, I could see people queuing outside, mind you this is not the launch or opening day!
 Now, she has the iconic bags!!
 Hahaha!!! You want the bags? I can give you one, or two!
 Glow in the dark swing blouse with skull and no cross bones with lace
 micro mini skirt to go on top of ballet leotards
5 in one fun bracelets.....

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